Every breeding season the team at Barastoc is excited to celebrate with you the new crop of foals. This year we’ve celebrated each week some truly lovely foals and enjoyed seeing their antics. 

At Barastoc, we also know what hard work it is caring for mares and foals and are pleased to be able to announce the winner of the Favourite Foals competition is Jessica Kent’s very lovey Chip. Jessica wins a special prize of a seasons end holiday we hope she has some one at home she trusts to mind Chip while she takes a much earned break. 

Other special mentions are Memphis, who won the judges special prize for being truly eye catching and full of spring!

Our loyal Barastoc voters also had the chance to go into the draw for a holiday voucher and we’re pleased to announce them here. 

Best of luck planning your breeding program for next year and we look forward to seeing the crop of 2023 this time next year. Until then you can keep feeding Breed N Grow as a introductory feed for your foals and to keep the condition on those lovely mares. 

Congratulations everyone! 

Major Prizewinner – $3000 travel voucher

Congratulations Jessica K!

Foal: Chip

Born: January 23

Caption: “Meeting mumma”

Feed: Barastoc Breed N Grow!

Photo Entrant (minor prize – $500 travel voucher)

Casey D

Foal: Memphis

Born: August 22

Caption: “Meet Memphis! A 2022 snowcap Appaloosa colt pictured at nine days old and his first gallop out in the big paddock. Mum couldn’t keep up! This boy is such a character, up for pats and gets excited when he hears our human kids come his way. He needed a spunky name and Memphis fit the bill nicely.”

Feed: Barastoc Breed N Grow!
“We use it to put condition on our mares before foaling”

Voter Entrant prizes (7 x minor prizes – $500 travel voucher)

Ash P

“Australia somewhere as we already live in a great spot of the world and have many hidden gems”

Linda M

“My dream holiday would be to travel around Australia with my daughter to show her the stunning works of nature that this country has been blessed with. ( I haven’t seen them yet either). A road trip with the destinations of our home.”

Kate P

“Horse ride through the snowy mountains for a few days trek. Be nice to be out in the bush with my favourite beings being close to nature simple and real. Away from the hustle and bustle doing what I love”

Rhonda D

“Camped by a river is where I’d love to be, Fishing, boating, swimming;  Having lots of fun.  Making special memories with my beautiful family.“

Joelene M

“Love the rain we’ve had but would love some sun this holiday. How about outback QLD, I might find a nice new stockhorse too!”

Kylie M

“The Man From Snowy River festival is my dream holiday, I’m a huge fan of the movie and adore stock horses and the traditional handlers.”

Hayley A

“Australia, we live in the best country in the world. More specific QLD!“

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